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Glycol water cooled chiller

Number: #006

Advantages:1.Condenser: Shell and tube (SS304/SS316, titanium shell and tube can be customized); 2.Evaporator: shell and tube (SS304/SS316, titanium shell and tube can be customized);
Compressor features:Using Danfoss or Copeland compressor, two of these brand compressor have high compression ratio, high efficient, energy saving, and low failure ratio, long lifetime, ect advantages.
  • Product Details
  • Glycol water cooled scroll chiller (Scroll means it uses scroll compressor) is mainly used in  packaging industry, chemical industry, food industry, laboratory, electrical industry,plating industry, soap production industry

    Dannice glycol water cooled scroll chiller advantages:
    1. Condenser:shell and tube (SS304/SS316, titanium shell and tube can be customized);
    2. Evaporator: shell and tube / SS plate type heat exchanger / water tank+ copper coil(can be customized);
    3. Condenser and evaporator adopts high efficient heat transfer copper tube;
    4. Pump: Iron pump, (high pressure pump, SS304/316 pump,ect can be customized);
    5. Power source: 3Ph-220V/380V/400V/460V/480V-50Hz/60Hz  (can be customized);
    6. Refrigerant: R22/R404A (can be customized);
    7. Compact structure, smooth operation, high stability, energy saving;
    8. Precisely control the temperature requested by customer;
    9. Outlet glycol water temperature can be customized; (Max low temperature -50 ℃ (minus 50 ℃))
    10. Temperature accuracy:±1℃ (±0.1℃ can be customized);
    11. Microcomputer control system,automatically start and stop according to load changes, more energy saving
    12. Protection:Compressor motor overheating protection; unit overload protection; high pressure and low pressure protection; anti-freezing protection; phase sequence/phase loss/reverse phase protection; exhaust temperature protection; over-temperature protection; flow switches protection.
    13. Strictly quality and operation testing before ex-work;
    14. Light, easy to install and remove;
    15. Support non-standard customized;
    Glycol water cooled scroll chiller
    Technical specification

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