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Crusher Machine

Number: #DNC-180F

Advantages:Granulator are mainly used for crushing various detective products and waste materials into granules and small pieces for recycling.Diverse Granulators are designed in accordance with all kinds of plastics feature,various dimensions and motor power requir
Compressor features:
  • Product Details
  • 1.Suitable for recycling and restoring of all kinds of plastics, particularly for various hard plastics, such as blow molded products and shoe last, etc.

    2.DNC-F claw series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades. With well-designed cutter base, the blades are capable of dispersing bearing forces and increasing cutting power. And fully designed with electrical safety devices and double wall hopper and soundproof material, the machine is of safety and environment concerns with low electricity consumption and long durability.


                                                                     Technical Parameters

    Model                                                                                      DNC-180F                                                                                
    Chamber Caiber 180*160 mm

    Crush capaciry

    Motor Power 1.5/2.2 kw
    Qty of Stationary Blade 2 pcs
    Qty of totary Blade 9 pcs
    Appearance Size 630*520*950 MM
    Weight 140 KG

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